How does it work?

Online symposiums can be scheduled with our teachers for private groups who are doing a text study together!

Symposiums offer a chance for the teacher to engage the students in special learning opportunities. Teachers come prepared with lesson plans and can even customize a plan for your group!

Symposiums do not happen on "Zoom" (snore) but in an online classroom with many ways to interact.

If you are not sure how you want to spend your Symposium time, don't worry. The teacher can propose something based on where you are in the study.

Here are just a few ways Symposium time can be spent:

  • special seminars for enrichment
  • Q&A
  • Socratic discussion
  • moderated debate
  • speeches and presentations
  • workshops
  • activity based learning
  • fun games, drills and review

Symposiums are all about student engagement.

Parents are welcome to attend and observe but are encouraged to take a more passive role.


Students are not required to be on video, but students should be prepared to speak "on mic." Teachers can make accommodations for students who want to take it slow!


We practice speaking with clarity. Symposiums are a good time to practice speaking in front of others and articulating our thoughts and ideas verbally.


We listen, take turns, and always treat others with respect. If we don't agree, we learn that we can disagree civilly!


Currently, Ms. Finnigan is available to lead Symposiums on the following texts:

The Iliad by Homer (10 years online classroom experience)

The Odyssey by Homer (10 years)

The Oresteian Trilogy by Aeschylus (10 years)

The Theban Plays by Sophocles (10 years)

Poetics by Aristotle (10 years)

Rhetoric by Aristotle (2 years)

Ion, Menon, Crito, The Apology, or Phaedo by Plato (10 years)

The Aeneid by Virgil (6 years)

The Confessions by Saint Augustine (6 years)

Coriolanus by Shakespeare (6 years)

Marc Antony by Shakespeare (4 years)

Julius Caesar by Shakespeare (6 years)

in addition to a variety of poems and short stories

More teachers coming soon!

Plato surrounded by students in his Academy in Athens. Mosaic (detail) from the Villa of T. Siminius Stephanus, Pompeii, first century BC. Roman National Archaeological Museum, Naples, Inv. No. 124545. Source: Wikimedia Commons


1-3 students: $100/hour

4-6: $125/hour

7-9 students: $150 per hour

10-12 students: $175/hour

13-15 students: $200/hour

We encourage parents to pool their resources, but the payment must be made in one lump sum before the Symposium can be scheduled.


Symposiums must be scheduled according to teacher and group availability.

Email us at [email protected] to schedule a Symposium!

Don't forget to tell us:

  • which text your students are currently studying
  • how many in your group
  • what kind of Symposium you desire (if known)
  • how many Symposiums you desire
  • general timeframe and availability

and we'll get back to you soon!

Saint Catherine Disputing with the Doctors of Alexandria, c. 1661, by Josefa de Óbidos; painting in the Church of Santa Maria, in Óbidos, Portugal. Source: Wikimedia Commons


"Ms. Finnigan speaks directly to the students in engaging and intellectually stimulating ways. This is one of the point she shines brightest at."

— Parent, Spring 2022 Professional Review

"Ms. Finnigan was very professional and handled serious topics well."

— Parent, Spring 2022 Professional Review

"Engages all students intellectually in the classroom and encourages critical thinking skills. Students are being challenged to think and make connections through both the instructional activities and discussion questions…Treats each student with charity and compassion."

— Parent, Spring 2022 Professional Review

"When Mrs. Finnigan has a specific activity planned class runs very smoothly, and even when things don't go as expected, she can effortlessly tailor the activity to what the class needs."

— Student, Spring 2022 Professional Review

"Always encouraging and respectful, with a notable joy for both the subject matter and interaction with students."

— Parent, Spring 2022 Professional Review

"Ms. Finnigan and her jokes always make the class laugh, yet she always acts professional. From what I have seen in Ms. Finnigan so far, her humor, and interest in the Faith is a source of inspiration for me."

— Student, Spring 2022 Professional Review