Behold the Lamb Study Guide

This downloadable .pdf was created to supplement Fr. McCarthy's 16-part series of retreat lectures called Behold the Lamb, and the Teach to the Text Behold the Lamb Online Retreat. It will help those who are taking the retreat focus on the material and listen for key takeaways.

It includes:

  • Questions that check for understanding
  • Scriptural references
  • Spiritual reflections
  • Review and discussion questions

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Behold the Lamb

Behold the Lamb is considered to be the most comprehensive and spiritually profound proclamation of Jesus’s vital Gospel message of Nonviolent Love of Friends and Enemies. The lectures can be accessed (for free!) at Fr. Emmanuel McCarthy's website.

Behold the Lamb Online Retreat

at Teach to the Text

You can also enroll in a (free!) online version of the retreat here at Teach to the Text which includes the lectures and more. Click the button below for more information.