What is it?

Office Hours allow students to get help with their literature and writing assignments in a setting that is less structured than a formal class and hopefully a little more fun than private tutoring. (Meanwhile, Mom can take a break!)

Office Hours are engaging, interactive, and driven by student questions. The office is equipped with:

  • white board
  • writing pods
  • video and microphones
  • chat boxes
  • a way to upload and share your work
  • other bells and whistles to help with demonstration and instruction

In Office Hours, we practice communicating with Courage, Clarity, and Charity. Policies and Best Practices will be distributed beforehand to assure student safety, and that we can make the most of our time together.

This is not private tutoring: The hour may be shared with other students, and students can learn from one another's questions!

Ideal for students currently working their way through one of Ms. Finnigan's text studies but open to all.

Only for students age 11 and up.

See curriculum for dates and times.

What's a great book without a great conversation?

Image: The Debate of Socrates and Aspasia (1800) by Nicolas Andre Monsiaux

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It's not easy to speak in front of others! Students are not required to be on video, but the teacher may ask students to speak on their microphones when asking questions and responding to questions. (If students aren't ready for that initially, we can work on it!)


We aim to write and speak with clarity, and we appreciate it when other people want to help us to do this by asking questions and helping us refine our thinking.


In Office Hours, we learn to provide constructive criticism with charity and accept it with humility. We listen, take turns, and always treat others with respect. If we don't agree, we learn that we can disagree civilly!


"Ms. Finnigan speaks directly to the students in engaging and intellectually stimulating ways. This is one of the point she shines brightest at."

— Parent, Spring 2022 Professional Review

"Ms. Finnigan was very professional and handled serious topics well."

— Parent, Spring 2022 Professional Review

"Engages all students intellectually in the classroom and encourages critical thinking skills. Students are being challenged to think and make connections through both the instructional activities and discussion questions…Treats each student with charity and compassion."

— Parent, Spring 2022 Professional Review

"When Mrs. Finnigan has a specific activity planned class runs very smoothly, and even when things don't go as expected, she can effortlessly tailor the activity to what the class needs."

— Student, Spring 2022 Professional Review

"Always encouraging and respectful, with a notable joy for both the subject matter and interaction with students."

— Parent, Spring 2022 Professional Review

"Ms. Finnigan and her jokes always make the class laugh, yet she always acts professional. From what I have seen in Ms. Finnigan so far, her humor, and interest in the Faith is a source of inspiration for me."

— Student, Spring 2022 Professional Review

How does it work?

Sign up and you'll receive a link to Ms. Finnigan's office, as well as a list of Policies and Best Practices that parents will be asked to go over with the student(s) to assure student safety and a productive use of time.

Families share a subscription. Up to three students per family can attend any particular Office Hour.

Minimum of one hour per week, which may increase with demand.

We'll take turns. Students can pop in, ask questions, get help, talk about what they're reading. Don't have a question? Students are free to attend and listen to other students' questions and maybe learn something in the process! Students are not required to attend or to stay for the whole time.

The teacher can't guarantee she'll be able to answer all questions, but she'll try her best, and if she doesn't know the answer, we'll try to figure it out together!

All sessions are recorded. Recordings, if ever shared (for example for promotional purposes), will not show names of students.

Parents are welcome to be present as observers and to support the child if needed, but should not communicate with the teacher on behalf of the student. (Parents should not use Office Hours to communicate with the teacher if the agenda is full, but should reach out to the teacher via email.)

Sign up and receive a free trial to see if it works for you!

Office will be open 10 minutes early for anyone in a free trial, to assure you can get your microphone and camera working before the session begins.

What are we going to do?

It's up to you!

Need to write a paragraph but don't know where to start?

Come to office hours!

Want some feedback on a paragraph you wrote?

Come to office hours!

Have you been asked to read and analyze a poem and you have no idea what it means?

Come to office hours!

Confused about whether the Prince of Troy is named Paris or Alexandros?

Come to office hours!

Working on a compare/contrast paper and you don't know how to make it five paragraphs instead of four?

Come to office hours!

Confused about the difference between an image and a symbol?

Come to office hours!

Just want to talk about the book you're reading?

Well, what are you waiting for...

(And if we run out of questions or things to work on, I always have a few tricks up my sleeve!)