Welcome to Teach to the Text!

Founded in 2023 by Ms. Ellen Finnigan

who has been teaching homeschooled kids online

since 2008

"I was teaching online before it was cool!"

Teach to the Text offers

  • Ms. Finnigan's time-tested writing courses for high school students
  • Personal writing coaching and consultation services
  • Literature studies with live classes or teacher office hours
  • Some eclectic, integrated studies you won’t find anywhere else!
At Teach to the Text, students can study a Great Book under the guidance of an excellent teacher and have some fun along the way. No enrollment necessary!

Recommended for: ages 14 and up

Let's Read The Iliad!

Available Now

The Iliad is the natural starting place for a classical course of study, as it is the first story we have in Western civilization, dating to around 850 B.C.

Ages 14 and up

Taught by Ms. Finnigan

Let's Read The Odyssey!


Greek warrior and King of Ithaca must battle strange creatures, the elements, and his own nature on his journey home from the Trojan War. The he must set things right in his kingdom.

Ages 14 and up

Taught by Ms. Finnigan

Let's Read Agamemnon!


Aeschylus, "The Father of Tragedy," explores ideas of justice in this play about a king's return from the Trojan War and the ugly fate that awaited him.

Ages 14 and up

Taught by Ms. Finnigan

Live Composition Courses

Writing Coaching
with Ms. Finnigan

Ages 11 and up
Taught by Ms. Finnigan
Start at any time!

Ms. Finnigan is available to teach private online writing classes custom-tailored for your group (9th grade and up).
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Thank you to VELA Fund!

Thanks to a grant from VELA Fund, Teach to the Text will be awarding value of $10,000 worth of scholarships throughout the 2023-24 school year to:

  • homeschool co-ops
  • with students in grades 9-12
  • interested in studying classical literature together.

Apply today!

Who better to study a book with than the person who wrote it? The Author Series brings authors and readers together in live, small, online classes, turning authors into teachers, readers into students, and texts into dialogues.

Here’s how it works:
  • Students engage in a course of study based one particular text.
  • The class meets regularly for online sessions.
  • Students can ask questions on the material.
  • The author usually does a presentation in each session followed by Q&A.
  • Great discussions are had by all and students walk away with a deeper understanding of the material.

Recommended for: ages 18 and up
(Younger students may enroll with parent permission)

Have an author you'd like to study with in a live class?

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If the class ends up happening, you'll get a free enrollment!